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jQuery basic syntax

Basic jQuery syntax includes strings, numbers, booleans, arrays, functions, and more. JavaScript can be an artificial language, which adds interactivity to your website. What happens in games is that the units are in the behavior of the reaction buttons. Write dynamic styling animations etc. Helps to get with JavaScript. Which may improve your understanding.

What is JavaScript basic syntax ?

JavaScript is a powerful programming language that allows users to create better interfaces. Adds interactivity to a website. JavaScript is versatile and beginner-friendly. With more experience, you will find a wide range of game animated 2D and 3D graphics. Be able to create database-driven apps and more. A third-party API developer provides other content like Twitter or Facebook. Allows the site to include functionality. Third-party frameworks and libraries. You can apply HTML to speed up the creation of sites and applications.


JavaScript does not require a semicolon (;) to end a statement. It is to use a semicolon to end a statement. Semicolons make your code more readable. It will lift and help you avoid many problems that you may encounter. To remove excess white space for bandwidth storage. You leave the JavaScript code in the production environment. Semicolons may need to be merged and compressed. you will have syntax errors.

jQuery basic syntax Variables

Variables are to store JavaScript data. Any data can be inside the variables. What can write JavaScript Variables for 3 var, let, const. You can write variables for this. A variable is a container that stores values. You start by declaring a variable with a varlet keyword, following the name you gave the variable.

jQuery basic syntax Explain 01

var name = "Steve";
id = 10;

jQuery basic syntax comment

All programming language committee systems have comment coding, not apart. In the comment, we explain why the code has been written. The comment is a single comment that who can write in two ways. It will use any comment depending on the comment Comments are snippets of text that can be along with code. The browser ignores text marked as comments. You can write comments in JavaScript just as you can in CSS.

jQuery basic syntax Explain 02

//jquery comment
var one =1; // this is a single line comment
/* this  is multi line comment*/
var two = 2;
var three = 3;

jQuery basic syntax String

The String is text content in JavaScript that must be closed in double or single quotation marks. To denote a value as a string, enclose it with a single quotation mark. Who can create strings directly through String Literal? String objects allow you to work with a series of characters. JavaScript’s string primitive data type is wrapped in some helpful methods.

jQuery basic syntax Explain 03

var msg = "Hello World"

jQuery basic syntax Number

Integers, floats, hexadecimal, etc. JavaScript Numbers must not be wrapped in quotation marks. JavaScript provides the number reference type for numeric values. To create a number object, you need to use the number constructor.

jQuery basic syntax Explain 04

var num = 100;

jQuery basic syntax Boolean

JavaScript provides a Boolean data type with true and false literal. The type operator provides the string “boolean” for this primitive type. In logical contexts, 0, -0, null, NaN, undefined empty strings (“”) are evaluated as false automatic type of coercion. Assess all other values ​​(complement to the previous list) as true, including the string “0”, “false,” and any object.

jQuery basic syntax Explain 05

 var yes = true;
jQuery basic syntax Functions

Functions are the way of packaging practicality that you would like to use. It’s doable to outline a body of code as a perform that executes you decide the perform name in your code. Who can be a decent different from repeatedly writing identical code? You have got already seen some uses of functions antecedently.

let myVariable = document.querySelector('h1');
jQuery basic syntax Array

An array can be a JavaScript object prototyped from the array builder, designed to store the value of knowledge indexed by integer keys. An array of basic object sorts is a way to help a scientist apply area unit routine tasks. Prototyped with features. Arrays within the C family use a zero-based classification scheme. The value is inserted into an empty associate array through which the push strategy occupies the 0th index of the array.

let myVariable = [1,'Bob','Steve',10];

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